Complex metalworking

Serial production of sheet metal products on own equipment which has no analogues in the region
High-precision laser metal cutting Souvenirs, advertising products and branding as soon as possible
Any products production from metal sheets using modern equipment
Sheet metal, pipes and profiles processing
We make, bend and paint any products in one place

Our equipment

Laser machine model HS-G3015X with a laser power source of 4000 W
Laser machine model HS-G3015C with a laser power source of 1500 W


The working surface of the table is 1500x3000mm
Cutting of ferrous metal up to 22mm thick
Cutting of stainless steel up to 12mm thick
Super option! Turbo mode. Perforation of round and square holes with a speed of operation comparable to punching machines
Metal laser cutting with a tolerance of +/- 0.02mm
Any complexity: there are no restrictions on the complexity of the cut line

About laser cutting

TR-ENGINEERING company makes a wide range of metalwork based on advanced technologies and high-precision laser cutting.
The principle of laser cutting is the laser ray thermal action on materials. During processing, the laser ray heats the steel to the melting point and then cuts it with minimal error. Unlike traditional metal machining, laser helps to reduce material costs and get parts with a perfectly smooth and high-quality edge. In addition, the processed sheet is not deformed and does not lose its original properties.
Perfect accuracy
The part is created computer controlled exactly as it was in the drawings; the permissible deviation is less than 0.05 mm.
The first and the last detail of your order coming from the laser equipment do not differ from each other.
Minimum scrap
Specialized software allows you to optimize the sheets cutting.
The part after the laser machine does not demand additional processing on other machines.
Saving processing costs by excluding from the production process stages of metal stamping, cutting, finishing etc.
Processing of any metal
Some metals are actually non-machinable, while the laser allows you to perform this operation quickly and efficiently
We are able to implement your project of any complexity and any size on our equipment. With our help, your technical genius will be able to realize any, even the most incredible ideas.
The cost of laser cutting is calculated individually for each client, taking into account the complexity, thickness and brand of metal, the speed of order fulfillment, volume and other factors. Please request a laser cutting price calculation, and you will receive detailed information from our managers.

Competitive advantages

We can make and paint any sheet metal products in one place
Modern equipment
Our equipment provides high accuracy and processing speed of products
Orders processing speed
The capacity of our company allows us to fulfill orders as soon as possible
One detail or thousands - it does not matter to us, their quality will be equally high due to the use of high-precision technology

Areas of application

Mechanical engineering
Military-industrial complex
Hospitality business
DIY market
Souvenirs, advertising products and branding

Additional Services

In addition to the service of metal laser cutting, "TR-ENGINEERING" is designed to help you comprehensively solve the problem of sheet metal blanks and finished products supply for your production. We provide additional services
Metal bending
We use Durma machines for bending metal.
To order
Metal perforation
From a metal sheet with the HSG laser, it is possible to make details and to cut holes of any form with the same high quality in a turbo mode.
To order
Metal sheets rolling
We use AKYAPAK machines to roll metal sheets.
To order
Welding works
Welding is carried out on high-quality modern Fronius equipment.
To order
Powder painting of products
The final stage before assembling the finished product can also be done by us.
To order

Your order step-by-step
Your order step-by-step

You leave a request for order calculation or our specialist callback.
Our specialist will contact you to clarify the order parameters.
You receive a commercial offer within 1 working day from the date of order receipt.
We discuss with you the order details and the agreement.
You can receive a sample for approval if necessary.
We start serial production and supply the order.

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